Grad Trip To Phuket (Day 4 - 6)

September 11, 2014


Us being us, we're almost always late when it comes to reporting early in the morning - be it school, camps or holiday. Rushed like mad ninjas and thankfully, the driver was still in the lobby when we came down because apparently, the other guests that he was supposed to pick up before us were running even later.

It's been almost six years since I last witnessed extreme rock formations like these, the last time was back at the Gorges in Beijing. Even more exciting for Fizzy, it's his first time seeing this shit upfront. We were trying to keep our Singaporean swag on the whole time but to be honest, the Nat Geo geeks in us were screaming inside!

There wasn't really anything to do on an island hopping tour other than to appreciate nature from a far and be a typical tourist with tons of photos. So that's exactly what we did, hehehe. Pretty surreal, if you ask me. One bad thing though was that your shots will always have a stranger in it because the whole place was really jam packed - even worst, we went during the non-peak season. Can't imagine how infested with people this place will be during the peak period!

You should know by now that I prefer being behind the camera lens rather and taking pictures of people rather than being in the picture itself. Fiz on the other hand is freaking bipolar - one second he'll chase for attention infront of the camera and the next second, he'll cover my lens with his huge palm.

The boat stopped in the middle of nowhere and the next activity was snorkeling! It was extremely fun especially since the water was super clear and there weren't any big waves - plus I am a sea sports freak and Fiz is crazy about marine life so, you can say that this was our favourite activity out of everything.

Rented our snorkeling equipment for an additional 100baht per person and all of us were given different coloured stickers after that for the boat allocation. There were more people than we expected and took us quite awhile to realize why the tour was so cheap - it's kinda crowded. If you're planning to go here, either come early to chope the good seats upfront or book a private long boat tour. I would prefer the latter.

Our final destination was Phi Phi Island itself where the boat stopped for almost two hours, giving us a chance to have our super yummy buffet lunch and some free time. Bumped into Shahirah, a virtual friend of mine on the boat who I later got to know has quite a number of mutual friends with me and her boyfriend Geoffrey works with my floorball mates. It's a small world after all! Thank god they were both a very happy go lucky couple and all four of us could make friends quite quickly!

There were photographers on stand by to snap your picture right as you step foot on to the island. I jumped off the boat early and told the photographer to hold on because I wanted to wait for Fiz to take a picture together. We didn't even had the intention to buy any souvenir but he was all, "Oh! Husband come faster!" Hahaha, what a funny moment there so I just layankan. They are so efficient that they will have these ready for every single one of the tourists before you leave the island. They were selling it for 250baht but we were dry on cash. The seller must have seen how much I wanted this framed souvenir that he let me spend my last 100baht on it. Thank you kind dude for the under-the-table discount. Hehe.

As we were walking back from Jungceylon yesterday, we stumbled upon a Muslim restaurant called Alaha Din Restaurant right behind our resort and the promoter made friends with Hafiz, who then agreed to drop by tomorrow (which is today) to dine at their restaurant. The food was just a-okay though, nothing spectacular, but the staff were friendly so that's good :) 


We were extremely broke by the fifth day and were only left with coins, mostly. Booked our last hotel online with Mastercard and checked out of Patong Paradee Resort just to find ourselves starving. Thank god for 7-11, went to get cup noodles for 13baht and sat at one of the allies while locals look at us like we were beggars. We couldn't care less.  

The driver picked us up at noon and took us to our third and final accommodation - Phuket Airport 24/7 Hotel. It's literally right smack in the middle of the woods. Surprisingly, I didn't take any pictures of the hotel though, but I will try my best to write a review on it soon because their hospitality was really genuine and they went the extra mile for the both of us.

Reached the hotel around three, dumped our backpacks on the floor and slept for a good four hours. Don't know where that came from but we were really exhausted and the guesthouse we booked was just super duper cozy, it looked nothing like a hotel and it really did feel like home.

Woke up right before the sun went down and decided to walk out to the main streets to find food. It was a good fifteen minutes walk out and fifteen minutes walk back. There were quite a number of shops down the road but we went to the one store that was really convenient - 7 eleven. Haha!

Dug their fridge for Halal stuff and these were the best things we found. Pretty good seeing how it's only from a convenient store though, and it was more than enough for us since we only had coins to spend but still could get this much of a meal. That's how cheap their 7eleven is over there. Spent the night eating our bellies out and watching movies on my laptop before packing up for our early flight the next day.


Woke up super duper early because we had a flight at nine. The hotel owner dropped us off outside of the airport and as we walked into the airport security, we stopped in our tracks. Funny story? Hafiz actually forgot his wallet and left it under his pillow at the guesthouse. What are the odds of us both forgetting our wallets! Hahaha but thank god for him, we managed to call the hotel and the owner actually brought his wallet to us at the airport. What a way to go the extra mile!

Back home now, what a trip. Definitely wishing we could go back and redo the whole thing without the parts where I lost my wallet or got into a motorbike accident but then again, these are experiences that we can never get back. Glad I spent the topsy turvy six days with my bestfriend. Keep a look out for our amateur video and budget spent on my next update!