Review: Fiskars Paper Puncher

This time last week I was frantically searching for a legit paper puncher at Spotlight - kinda the first place that comes to mind when people talk about craft supplies. Unfortunately though, most of their stuff were out of stock and the only ones left on the shelves either had torn packages or were too expensive. SGD40 each kinda expensive. Crazy!

There was no way I was gonna spend that much money on a tiny crafting equipment and time was not on my side so I can't possibly get it online but thankfully, I work right next to a mall that has almost everything and I found this charm for only half the price! The Paper Market at Vivocity to be exact. Pretty neat and humble collection they got there.

Tested it the moment I got home and it works like a charm. Completed the cupcake toppers that I am supposed to create for a friend's 21st birthday in less than thirty minutes. I love you Fiskars!