From My Kitchen : Frozen Themed Meringues

November 12, 2014

There has been an influx of Frozen themed orders ever since the animated Disney movie hit the stands. This was my first Frozen themed order and I'm thankful that the customer only asked for little munchies instead of a huge cake because I haven't had the time to draft up something over the top. Nonetheless, I had fun making these. Nothing like a bunch of meringues to give the snowflakes vibe!

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  1. hello mimsy! thanks for linking me up on your blog :]

  2. oh wow! yummy lookin meringues, that is a killer shot of them =)
    and hello you!

    -a fellow passerby!

    1. I failed so many times before getting it right, hehe.
      Thank you for reading! :)

    2. happily feasting my eyes on your goodies! haha you're welcome! you are a fun read too! so i shall stalk u hehehe


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