Batam, Indonesia - Day Three

I finally got around to finishing up the post on our short getaway to the island next door. My procrastination is a great reflection of how lazy all of us were while on that trip. To the extent of waking up at noon almost daily and we actually woke up in the morning and had brownies for breakfast in bed. How often do I get to do that?!

The last day was exceptionally slow. We decided to book the last ferry out of the island just so that we can have more time lazing around like sloths. That's how much we actually felt that we deserved three days off from our regular working schedule. I'm telling you. Working full time is exhausting. Nobody told that when I was a kid. 

Gave the resort's home baked pizza a try. It was approximately SGD10-15 per box with an 8" pizza inside, depending on what flavor and crust you choose. We got their thin crust chicken special - quite okay. Nothing spectacular though.

We had around an hour to waste before Eddy came to pick us up - took the opportunity to roam around the resort and snap cheesy pictures. Fizzy and I are the most un-cheesy couple you can find. We hate dressing up and we hate taking photos together - or rather we're not used to having people taking pictures of us. Good luck to whoever our future wedding photographer is.

Overall, I have to say that it was a pretty good trip considering the fact that we got what we came for - good food + late mornings + a cheap SGD8 full body massage. I swear, if I'm working a 9-5 job that lets me have my weekends off every week - you'll see me dragging Fiz here just to grab a massage til my body turns into jelly.