Kids - Hard to live with, hard to live without.

Hafiz and I ended work early and got to know that his parents were at Vivocity with Baby Zafir - his nephew. I was happily enjoying my cup of Red Velvet Frap and plate of cheesecake when I realized Zafir standing by the side of the table and staring into blank space. I ruffled his hair and two seconds later, he started crying wailing like a lost child. I got so scared and was all - oh shit what did I do wrong! Well, Hafiz's mum got everything under control, took him away for awhile and he came back a few minutes later with an annoying grin on his face and a fresh set of clothes.

Turns out he pooped -.-

I love toddlers. Not in a pedophile way but in a squeeze-their-cheeks kinda way. Their pampers always make their butt super poofy and their pants always fall below their knee. They have the most clueless looks on their faces and everything they own is so tiny you feel like biting them. They get fascinated by the little things. They get excited when they see themselves on the camera screen. They give the most sincere flying kisses and that is exactly the problem with me - "I only see what's cute in a child" - as quoted by my extremely opinionated other half. I hate to admit it but Hafiz is right.

When they poop, you gotta clean the mess up and shut them up. They are the most indecisive creatures alive. When you try to carry them, sometimes they turn into jelly and wiggle around, forcing you to put them down. You can't reason out your actions to them because they only understand A is for Apple, B is for Ball. and their most frequent reaction to anything at all is to cry, whine, wail, scream, roll on the floor and throw tantrums. I don't understand them sometimes.

Whenever I attend wedding ceremonies, the only well wishes I hear from guests are for the newlyweds to get pregnant as soon as possible and have as many babies as their four hands can handle. I find it to be such a stereotype. I find quite a number of couples struggling to keep their family upright while juggling a new job and a new born. Honestly, I don't think that is fair for the child.

I learned in social studies that family planning is very important. It helped that my teacher Mr DeRoza was super tall and handsome - so I paid attention every so willingly. I just turned twenty two and both Hafiz and I are still very young to even think about this but we will eventually want kids, just not right after we get married. It would probably take us years of family planning (and shit loads of traveling) before we decide to settle down for a family but then again - how does one know that they are ready to have a baby?

I guess when the time is right, you just know huh but as of now, I can safely say that there are so many things that youths like me gotta learn to appreciate more. I  am now in bed with a really sore fore arm for carrying the little monster around the past two hours. I can't imagine how hard challenging it is for someone to handle a child twenty four hours a day, everyday of their life - what more if they are the only parent. Hats off to all of you who are reading this and is a parent of an extremely cute but equally annoying child or has one growing in your tummy. May your journey as a parent be filled with lots of love, lessons and laughter. Goodnight :)
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