This is home, truly. Where I know I must be. Where my dreams wait for me and will continue waiting.

I honestly think Singaporeans have been brainwashed to spend their childhood learning everything that they can beyond their learning capacity, their youth being told not to do anything but continue learning so that they can get a high paying job and then their adulthood working so hard towards a future that isn't really quite that bright. I was discussing with one of my colleagues the other day and we came to a conclusion that only two types of people can live in Singapore. Number one, the filthy rich who can afford to pay all the unreasonable charges here. Number two, the scaredy cats who prefer to live in this place just because it has very low crime rates and almost zero natural disasters. All (yes, all) of my relatives have made the smart move to get out of this country and migrated but unfortunately for me, my parents happen to fall under the latter category and are the super insecure conservative type that wouldn't even allow their only daughter to study overseas. Sad, but on the bright side at least I have people who care.

Twenty years ago, the housing in Singapore was affordable. I wouldn't say cheap - but it was affordable. Right now the prices shot up sky high. So high that most of the Singaporeans who own a HDB flat here can own a huge mansion in Malaysia or a landed property in Perth. Buying a new house now is like prepping yourself into signing a 99 year debt contract. The housing designs are getting tinier by the minute - we are technically paying for the freaking piece of land. Land is so scarce in Singapore that we are so desperate, more than 80% of the housings are shared between so many families under their own roof, that is under one main roof - like pigeon holes or uno stacko. Ironically - the government doesn't put a stop limit to the number of foreigners converting into PRs. You don't even have enough land for your own people but heck, you already made it clear to all of us that you don't give a shit. You would rather have us leave and migrate, just like how the foreigners who migrated from their country and are here now.

Don't get me started on private and public transportation.
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