Thoughts At Two In The Morning

We are already halfway through March. It's amazing how fast time flies, really. I spent the last moments of 2014 trying to figure out my list of priorities and I am only just starting to settle myself into the new year. Unlike times from the past, I started this year without the usual goodbye old year, hello new year post. Neither did I have any new year resolutions list made up, which is pretty surprising because I am a list kinda girl. I only wanted this year to be two things - positive and productive. That is more than enough.

Despite it being only the third month, I have been through an emotional roller coaster that felt like it lasted for years. Misunderstandings, hiccups and silent treatments filled the first quarter of my year. As much as I wish to rid of all the negativity from my life, it is the bad times that make you appreciate the good times and I choose to believe that I am now a better version of myself than the person that I was in January. On the flip side tough, I must say that it has been a promising, if not productive start to the new year. I need more positivity in my life, definitely, but most importantly - I need to learn to seize opportunities instead of taking too much time analyzing a situation and letting once in a lifetime chances slip past. Enough procrastinating.

I spent the first few moments of 2015 trying my best to settle down and find my footing again. It feels like I'm rock climbing without a lead or spare chalk to hold my grip, but all I want is to reach the top. Multiple times, I found myself asking.. well, myself.. on whether what I'm doing now is worth it or will I not remember it five years down the road? And then I get reminded of why I chose to do things that I enjoy doing at my own will - one day I will look back on my life and be thankful that I went against the status quo.