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25 Before 25

I will be hitting the quarter life crisis in 2017. Holy shit.

  1. Driving License
  2. Open-Water Diving License
  3. ACCT License
  4. Graduate with a bachelor's degree.
  5. Climb a real mountain.
  6. Try bungee jumping or sky diving.
  7. Invest in a new DSLR.
  8. Go on a solo trip. 
  9. Be happy with how I look. 
  10. Stay committed to rugby. 
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Be able to run 5km non stop. 
  13. Become financially self sufficient. 
  14. Learn how to cook at least 5 new dishes.
  15. Be independent. 
  16. Take my mum on an all expense paid trip. 
  17. Attend a spinning class.
  18. Watch a movie alone. 
  19. Learn yoga.
  20. Go on a road trip. 
I will add on to this list as days go by. Adieu!


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