Three cheers for twenty three.

It clearly shows that human beings rely too much on social media, because after I removed my personal information on Facebook, even those I expected to remember did not. Not that I'm disappointed - it's just fun to see who would remember and who wouldn't.

Birthdays used to mean a lot to me when I was younger. As a child growing up, I had parties every year where everyone in the family would gather just to celebrate my existence. I was the only girl, so I was pretty pampered as a child - and that made me have pretty high expectations of others. Which then went on as a backlash to myself because all I faced were let downs after let downs, year after year. 

When I turned 16, I went on my first independent trip overseas after Olevels. When I turned 17, I spent it working double jobs and playing soccer because I decided to take a gap year before entering polytechnic and my friends suddenly went missing. When I turned 18, my bestfriend surprised me with a ticket to watch Liverpool life in Singapore. When I turned 19, I spent it watching my good friend's soccer game and met my local idol. When I turned 20, I broke up with my first ex boyfriend and realized that I should rely on nobody else for happiness, except myself. When I turned 21, I celebrated Hari Raya. Last year, I spent it sleeping in with my loving partner and then out to a simple movie and dinner date.

As I grow older, the celebrations get simpler. Gone were the days of major celebrations and surprise parties. I was disappointed with the let downs at first, but as I grow older, I realized that I really shouldn't feel that way. People are not obligated to do something for someone. Birthdays are just like any other day and every day should be just as special because you're still alive.