Hello, Stranger.

"Hello Stranger" is a poem written by the fictional Nickelodeon character, Ginger Foutley. The cartoon was my favourite simply because I could relate to her better than I could relate to any other living female. I wrote about this for The Liebster Award. This poem was written by Ginger for her dad, who went away when she was younger, and since the first time I heard it, it has always been my favorite.

Hello, stranger - you came just in time
I look for your face in a crowd, or in line

Hello, stranger - not a moment too soon
See, that old picture's fading in the drawer of my room

Now toys have gone lost, baby teeth have come loose
There were accidents involving stitches, spilt juice
Report cards were shown, and one time I got sick
But it's nothing I couldn't catch you up on real quick

Hello, stranger - I saved you a place
And it hardly seems strange now that I've seen your face

- Ginger Foutley

In this new personal blog series called "Hello Stranger", I will write letters to strangers. It could be for anyone, everyone or even to myself, seeing how distant I have been from holding a pen what more writing in my personal journal. This personal project shall help me channel my inner thoughts into proper paragraphs and hopefully, help me grasp the habit of writing for leisure, back again.