Time To Eat: Ice To Go (Middle Road, SG)

September 23, 2015

Three years ago, back when Fizzy & I were still working for the outdoor industry, we used to frequent this place a lot, seeing how it is just down the street from one of our favorite gear shops. Also because we hate crowds and this is usually the only place along Bugis and Waterloo Street that is so underrated, they rarely even have customers. We used to keep this place a secret just so that it would stay underrated but a business needs customers, so   I shall be nice and share this little charm.

One of the reasons why Fizzy and I like coming here? To grab a cup of freshly blended drinks topped with real fruits and filled to the brim, for less than five bucks. Especially with a weather like Singapore's. We would choose this colorful drinks over sugary milk tea, any day.

Fizzy got himself the (SGD1.50) peanut butter chocolate waffle. Pretty self explanatory.

I got the (SGD3.50) huge nomoyaki crepe. By huge, I mean really huge, like bigger than the size of an iPad huge. Except I was a little disappointed that the filling was so puny pathetic though. I should have stuck to my usual nomoyaki waffles instead.

I just realized that I did not take a photo of the quaint little shop from outside, but I think it's pretty significant if you walk with your eyes open. It is along the street where the two temples are at Bugis Street, right on a corner by the back of Fortune Center, where the entrance to the basement carpark is. Try googling.

From inside it looks like the kind of dessert shop that you will usually find in Korea, China or Japan. Small in size, quirky in shape that is not exactly square or rectangular. Right down to the weird posters on the wall and bright colored menu. There is even aircon and free wifi in the place, so I really don't think that I need to explain further as to why the two of us like to chill here. Enjoy! x

This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All visuals and opinions here are as always, my own. 

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