Perth Day 1 & 2

I finally got around to starting to write about my trip to Perth. My friends and I had a planned unplanned trip to Perth, Western Australia back in August. Planned because we did agree to go together for five days but unplanned because we never did come together to come up with an itinerary. I wanted to spend my birthday overseas and was about to go on a solo trip Everything was pretty much impromptu, but I was lucky to have a bunch of girls who are very accommodating.


I kinda regret taking the afternoon flight though, because it was way past sunset when we landed in Perth and as you might have already known, most of the shops there close at around six in the evening. I should have opted for the overnight flight. At least I could have enjoyed an extra day full of activities instead of heading straight to the apartment and waste one night on accommodation just for the sake of staying the night. Thankfully though, our host was really sweet and the apartment that he left us was extremely cosy.


After dumping our bags, we took off in search of a place to eat because we were starving like crazy. We even almost got lost but thankfully ran into a nice gentleman who directed us to the right way, where we found this quaint little kebab store that was still open although everything else was already closed for the day. Grabbed a warm meal, bought some groceries to last us the week and then headed back to the apartment to do some research on what we should do the next day and have an early rest.


We started the day bright and early, making our way to Shenton Park Train Station that was just a short walk away from our airbnb apartment. We made our way down to Fremantle to transfer to another bus service because the initial plan for the day was to spend the entire day at Adventure World. We were doing some serious contemplating the night before because the website states that the park will be closed for winter but Google says that it will be open, so we decided to try our luck. 

Unfortunately, though, it was closed for winter. Bummer. Google, I trusted you. 


Buses only came in intervals of thirty minutes for this route, so we took some photos on the empty road while waiting for it to come. Clueless and absolutely plan-less, we decided to explore Fremantle instead, since we were already in that area, and boy this has gotta be my favorite part of Perth.


Fremantle is just extremely calm, laid back and full of pleasant surprises on every corner, so much that I had to write a separate post on Fremantle and it's surroundings. We even loved it so much, we actually came back on day four too to have my birthday lunch at the harbour. I will leave myself to blog about the three remaining days on another day. Til next time!