The Happy List : Vol 2

I haven't been home for more than a day for the past two months and I have been having to face the worst of days lately. Only God knows how horrible it felt to endure the painful week, probably a friend or two, too. Nonetheless, no matter how badly I'm bawling my eyes out- in another part of this same world we're living in, there are many others experiencing worst. I should be thankful.

Little and big things that made my happy lately...
  1. Night drives and heart to heart talks. 
  2. Staying home with face and hair masks.
  3. Impromptu trips across the border every week. 
  4. Ice cream and frozen yogurt and coconut water.
  5. Not being tied down in a dysfunctional relationship. 
  6. Waking up without an alarm set.
  7. Successful camps and spending time in the outdoors. 
  8. Trekking and cycling and rugby and soccer sessions.
  9. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. 
  10. Unexpectedly receiving ang baos. 
  11. Writing for :)
  12. Receiving long written messages from friends.
  13. Knowing that there is only a week left of camp wars. 
I have a lot of backdated posts, as outdated as posts written last year, that I should be publishing soon. It is only the third month of twenty sixteen and I am disappointed with myself- I need to get myself back on track. May the upcoming weeks be gentle to you, dear heart.