Review: iShell Out (Johor Bahru)


iShell Out Kilang Bateri
Jalan Tampoi, Kawasan Perindustrian Tampoi
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

This restaurant is located on the premises of Kilang Bateri. I wrote about our failed trip to Kilang Bateri here about a month ago, so this time I was sure to check on the opening hours of iShell Out before going down. According to their Facebook page, they open from five in the afternoon til around eleven for their last order. I'm not sure if this is only for the fasting month or it is in fact their original opening hours though.

I went there spontaneously with my good friend Illya this time. We didn't drive in, plus it was my first time coming into Johor during the fasting month so it was definitely different than my usual trips. It was extremely impromptu because I had a fever the night before after falling out with someone and I just needed some good old retail therapy while ranting to a friend, so I texted her that morning and she came to my rescue. Thank you babe <3 

How To Get There

Driving: My favourite form of transportation, as usual. Kilang Bateri is approximately fifteen minutes away from CIQ. It is around the area of Angsana Plaza. if you know where that is. If not, simply Google map your way to Tampoi Industrial Park. 

Taxi: Which was what we took. It was around RM23 from the usual taxi counter outside CIQ. 

Grabcar: Which was what we should've taken, because we took this out of Kilang Bateri and it only cost us RM9 instead.

We reached the premises a little after five and were planning to wait in line just so that we could get seats for iftar but to our surprise, the whole place was empty. I learnt later on that this was partly because reservations have been made before hand. Thankfully for us, they could slot in two more pax for iftar that evening or else I would've been more disappointed than I already was that weekend. 

After squeezing in a reservation, we were gonna walk off and do some shopping but this friendly uncle (who I assume is one of the managers) then suggested that we put in our orders first, so that the food would be ready on. the. dot. so that was exactly what we did. I can't seem to find any copies of the menu online though. It is not the same as the Shell Out that we all know in Kuala Lumpur but somewhat familiar. Either way, this was what went down: 
  1. Decide whether to grab the seafood bundles (we chose the one for two pax and added squid rings) or rice with a la carte dishes instead. The seafood bundles come with fixed items and a jug of drink. 
  2. Choose which style of cooking you prefer for each food item. 
  3. Choose your drink. We changed it up to Watermelon for an additional RM7.
  4. Place a deposit or make a full payment at the counter to get a table number.
  5. Come back at 7.10pm to break our fast at 7.12pm. 

In case you don't already know, food is served on the table. Literally. There ain't no plates. So when we came at 7.10pm, this was what was on our table: 

I can't even began to describe how much food there was for just the two of us. The seafood bundle for two cost us RM140 and we added on squid rings. To make it even more interesting, the staff accidentally served the wrong crab dish. We asked for salted egg and he gave us sweet chili crab instead. The best part was that we totally forgot about it until he came over to apologize and placed our correct crab order on the table without additional costs. 

What I Liked: The friendly service, the ambiance of the whole space, how they didn't rush for patrons to finish up their food and the whole seafood spread, obviously. I am allergic to seafood but this was definitely worth my trip across the border. 

What I Didn't Like: They only accept cash, and the fact that there were quite a number of other tables that were given the wrong orders or had their orders forgotten. 

Would I Dine Here Again?
Most definitely. 


This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All information displayed are accurate at the time of posting. All visuals and opinions here are as always, my own.