Life Lately : May 2016

I just noticed that I haven't been writing my monthly life lately posts since late last year. I could blame snapchat for being so convenient but I only downloaded that app a month ago, so I guess I only have myself to blame. Nonetheless, May zoomed past faster than I'd imagined. Here's how jamm packed the month was for me:

  1. Feels good to be back on the field and running around, smashing into people.
  2. Cohesion over a really good (and free) meal with my bunch of interns. 
  3. My annoying little brother finally graduating from poly. 
  4. Wany's birthday party and a staycation with the Hunterz.
  5. The amazing view from Henderson Waves, after a dreadful climb.
  6. Fortnightly meet-ups with Illya for some girl talk and llao llao.
  7. Amazing team I had for my recent camp. Amazing is an understatement. 
  8. Laid back quality time spent with A after school.
  9. Getting to spend some time sweating it out in nature.
  10. Splashing good time at Adventure Cove Waterpark with Hunterz!
  11. Daily hospital visits to accompany my grandma for her meals, she's home now :)
  12. My annoymazing boy looking very chinese here. 
Anyway! I am determined to make June a productive month, shift my paradigm on this huge career regret and as much as possible, stay positive no matter what comes my way. If you ever catch me with my default resting bitch face outside, please hug me from behind and remind me to smile. Hahaha. Ramadhan Kareem everyone, have a good one :)