It's been a long time coming, but I'm back.

I got distracted from my flow of studying when a certain individual popped up to create distraught over such a petty matter. I needed to write to release this restlessness but the people I usually share things with are either asleep or on duty (Twitter doesn't seem ideal for this) so I figured, might as well write it down here. It's literally been months since I last blogged. I'm not going to lie, I have been extremely busy with my schedule packed to the brim everyday, I barely have time to write. Instant updates like Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat seemed more convenient and I was contemplating on whether or not I should keep this going but recently, a close one successfully convinced me that I shouldn't shut this site down but instead, start writing diligently again - both as an output and to find my passion for blogging all over again - so here I am.

I last wrote in August. Wow, that was four months ago and plus, that word vomit shouldn't really count as an update cos I was just spilling menial rants. So here's a visual vomit instead, on what has been going on the past four months. I'll try to make it as chronological as possible but I promise you it makes more sense if you just follow me on my instagram

I went to Bintan in early September. It was my first time there and I had to contain my excitement while exploring the place because it was for work and technically, I should be assessing the place, not planning my next holiday. Nonetheless, it was exceptionally beautiful and calming on an off peak season and I'm certain that I'd like to return with a loved one should I have the chance to. 

In late September, I went to Bangkok. The trip did not turned out as I had planned but I think I salvaged it, just in time for the flight out. I had a good time shopping with my mummy and although she says she likes nature, I think shopping trips are her favourite. 

We had an impromptu staycation across the border with my two buddies. Good and cheap food, a whole suite and chilled vibes was what we needed but I was a little cranky throughout the entire trip. I'm surprised these two could take in my pre-shark week attitude. They even went to the extent of accompanying me for a mani pedi session. #friendshipgoals

The season ended and although I never had the intention of playing, I'm glad I joined them this season. Thank you for a good round and thank you for having me this season, Team Armadas :)

Work is amazing, as usual. I was at East again for a round of the bonding camps for the new intake, that was for the whole month of October. It gets pretty routinized but after reminding myself of how much freedom I have, I guess it gets quite bearable. Plus I had great colleagues working with me and my own hostel room, so I'm definitely not complaining about the mundanity.

I am also back to donning the green apron thanks to Haikel Shah, simply because I needed a constant job amidst juggling my studies. Also, for the past three weeks I've been helping my good friends Ezza & Hasif with their business. It has been a good run with The Katoshka and I've finally experienced how it feels like to work in a pasar malam. It's expensive and definitely not easy, guys. Never underestimate these unsung heroes of the night market.

I have two more papers to go til I clear the first trimester. Uni hasn't exactly been a walk in the park but I think it's quite bearable for someone who hates studying. Except, nothing is going into my head right now because my brain is already on holiday mode. I have three exciting trips coming up, one of which is a surprise but doesn't seem like one anymore (I know you're rolling your eyes, idiot) because somebody just is naturally nosy. But nonetheless, I can't wait.