Review: Hotel G (Singapore)

Hotel G Singapore held their soft launch in mid November 2016- which means that it isn't a hundred percent fully operational yet. During our visit, they were still undergoing preparation works for their bar, restaurant and fitness center. However, although it's considered to be a relatively new hotel, this space turned out to be better than we expected. From what I understand, this building was formerly known as BIG Hotel - but has been re-branded ever since. 

Hotel G Singapore

200 Middle Road Singapore 188980

Dates Visited: 23rd - 24th December 2016
Room Booked: Good Room - Fabuleux Tarifs (#1407)
Total Spent: SGD 83*/night including tax

*Disclaimer: This is a special price for the soft launch visitors only.
For regular day bookings, please visit their hotel site for the updated rates.


If there is a reason as to why the rooms are of such a high price (approximately SGD 129) on regular days, this would definitely be it. Located right smack at the heart of the Bugis / Bencoolen area, this hotel is accessible to so many local hot spots.

I would definitely recommend tourists to crash here if you're looking for a cheaper alternative as compared to its neighboring competitors like Ibis or Bayview. If I were to have foreign friends coming over to Singapore and looking for an accommodation, I'd definitely put this on the list. 

Hotel Common Areas:

Hotel G is a building on it's own but the hotel lobby is weirdly located on the second floor, and only accessible either through the main lift, or the carpark. Yes, the entrance to the hotel is a carpark entrance. It may seem sketchy at first, but the moment we stepped in, it immediately felt like home to us because the whole place reeked of espresso beans. 

The lobby was so spacious. There was a huge sofa, a huge ass mirror, a cute Christmas tree that was lighted up at the corner and an automated coffee machine, free for anyone to use. There was also a whole vase filled with umbrellas available for hotel guests to loan should it be rainy outside. How thoughtful. Their hallways, on the other hand, had a very boutique hotel vibe and there were actually quite a large amount of units in this hotel itself.

View From Room:

I totally forgot to take a photo of the view from our room (it was a city view from the fourteenth floor, I love love love high floors) but I posted this view from the lift lobby on my insta story earlier today:


Their rooms are differentiated by the words G Mini / Good / Great / Greater - the first one being specially for solo travelers and the remaining three targeting to couples. We had booked the Good Room and boy, you should have seen how widely I beamed the moment I stepped inside. It was such a pleasant contrast as compared to the previous hotel we stayed at while in Phuket. 

Every corner of the room was so hipster / instagram worthy, we couldn't stop taking photos. Even the toilet walls had a white marble design! Aesthetics is really, really important to us (we blame Hasif & Ezza for this, hahaha) and I absolutely loved their concept - so much that I actually read everything on the cute notice board. 

Room Amenities:

I didn't have the chance to take photos of every nook and cranny in detail, but here are a few shots from both of our cameras of what was available in the room, as well as the hot / cold water and ice dispenser along the hallway,

Guest Service:

The staff were really helpful, efficient and they could multi task fairly well.  I'm very particular when it comes to checking in (because all I wanna do is throw my bags on the floor and crash) and although there were many other visitors at the lobby, their check-in was quite prompt. 

Checking out was even better, there is even an "express check out" box located outside of the reception area. I assume you could drop your key cards and just leave without approaching the counter staff (?) Well I don't know how that works exactly because we still went to the counter anyway, but if it is what I think it is, that's a very convenient initiative for people who are rushing out. Pros and cons, I guess.



Room Service:


What We Liked:

  • How the lobby reeked of coffee. 
  • The strong wifi. 
  • The efficient staff + prompt service.
  • The room was already cold when we checked in.
  • The wall mounted flat screen television
  • The welcome message on the tv.
  • The interactive map on the tv. 
  • The convenient USB charging ports.
  • The long mirror.
  • The fact that their gym is going to be open 24/7.
  • The cute Australian tubes of toiletries.
  • The fact that there is a hair dryer. 
  • The ambiance of the room / hallway / lobby.

What I Didn't Like:

  • The toilet was rather small - so small that the sink is located outside of the toilet. 
  • We couldn't find the bath robes although it was included inside the list of room amenities. 
  • Design flaw a) there is this empty space between the bed and the window, which we thought if the interior was cleverly arranged, the space wouldn't be as underutilized or redundant as it is now.
  • Design flaw b) the light switches were really really far away from the bed.

Would I Stay Here Again?

Most definitely! Although I felt like the hotel was more targeted towards the tourist rather than the local market (with the location, the concept and amenities) it is definitely one of the better and cheaper alternatives should you look forward to a weekend staycation. Thank you Hotel G for having us!


This blog post was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned. All thoughts and opinions here are as always, our own.