What We Ate In Phuket

It has almost been two months since I last travelled out of the country (I go to Johor more than twice a month but that doesn't count) but last night, I found myself craving for good authentic Thai food and a spontaneous adventure all over again. It has definitely been awhile. So I thought, what better way to get over the wanderlust than to talk and write about it, right? Right. 

Without further ado, here's a completely unhealthy food post of what my friend and I consumed over the days spent in Phuket - and boy, did we consumed a lot of fatty foods. If you're famished and reading this from the office without any access to yummy, greasy goodness - I suggest you press Alt + F4 right now. 

We only spent 250 baht (SGD10.10) for this meal at the Malin Plaza night market. Here's how our meal typically looks like and most of the time / as usual, I will always not finish my portion. I know, right? I'm surprised how I can possibly be so chubby too. Sometimes I pity whoever it is that goes out to eat with me but most times, I'm just thankful they have the tank capacity of titanic. 

Chicken Cutlets - 50 baht (SGD2) & Tempura Shrimps - 100 baht (SGD4) // I couldn't resist these giant chicken and shrimp pieces. You simply pick the plates that satisfy you in terms of size and appearance, and then let them refry them to make it even crispier. Plus, where else on earth can you get them at this price?! 

Street Cart Coffee - 25 baht (SGD1) // Every morning (or whenever we are cranky and thirsty) we would go in search of these side cart coffees selling drinks in a huge 1-litre plastic cup. Specifically, the ones in these gigantic cups. 

Chocolate Cookie Rolled Ice Cream - 45 baht (SGD1.80)

Coconut Ice Cream - 30 baht (SGD1.20)

Starbucks - same price worldwide. 

I stumbled upon someone's lawn on day two and enjoyed this scrumptious home cooked meal from the generous owners. In all honesty, this was the best Pad Thai that I've ever tasted in my life. I still think of it whenever I'm craving for Thai food.

Some beef dish and rice.

The last time I was in Phuket with Fizzy, we frequented Malin Plaza quite a lot too, and my friend loved this place just as much so we came back again for dinner on a different night. Again, we spent around 250 baht (SGD10.10) in total for all these yummy dishes. 

On our last day, we rode our bikes to find a place to have breakfast at and stumbled upon this whole stretch of Muslim food stalls over in the Kamala / Kathu district. Man, did we enjoy all of the goodies here - of course, again, with our gigantic cups of iced coffee and milk tea for 30 baht (SGD1.20) each.

Fried Chicken - 15 baht per piece (SGD0.60)

Packed rice and dishes - 20 baht per packet (SGD0.80)

I can't give an exact address but it is on the right side of the highway linking Kamala & Kathu, and their target audience were factory workers from the nearby construction sites - which is probably why we were the only tourists there and everything that was being sold here were mostly by Muslim vendors and at half the price of what was sold at Malin Plaza. How awesome is that?!

A hearty breakfast indeed. We sure didn't regret skipping the hotel's buffet breakfast for these. 

Shaved Ice with Syrup - 20 baht (SGD0.80)

I try as much as possible to avoid restaurants but on our last day, we found ourselves stranded along Patong Beach with no transport to get us to the airport on time for our flight and what with all the rush and stress, we decided to indulge a little and have a hearty meal at this fancy-shmancy pizza-hut looking restaurant with free wifi. 

Well, that's the end of this fattening post. I started this series specifically for my friends who kept asking, "where's this place" every time I post something on snapchat or instastory - especially while in a non-Muslim country. There are a lot of options available if there are absolutely no halal food to be found. For example, making your own home cooked food, bringing your own cup noodles from home, vegetarian food, Muslim-owned stalls, etc. But this is of course, to each it's own and that is why this series is called "what we ate" and not "what to eat" while in whatever country. Hehe. I hope you've enjoyed feasting your eyes over all the yummy pictures as much as I love compiling posts of things I ate overseas. Eat well and travel often, everybody! â™Ĩ