Oh, hello there!

hello there.

I'm Nurul Mimsy, a fresh graduate with Murdoch University with a double major in tourism & events management and public relations. By profession, I work in communications and marketing for a big and blue sports retailer. In my free time, I enjoy being a food, travel & lifestyle blogger and an overly supportive cheerleader for my fiancΓ©.

I love iced coffee, stay home mornings, travelling, roller coasters, long walks, creating stuff, cooking, shopping and spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy writing and taking a ton of pictures because moments fleet, but photographs in my online album stays there forever.. I hope.

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Since 2010 and multiple domain names later, www.nurulmimsy.com was born.

This space acts as a personal vault for me to convert everyday thoughts into words and visuals. I like sharing my experiences and documenting my adventures / misadventures. The trips taken are mostly spontaneous and/or for work (disclaimer: work means overseas projects) and I would jump at any opportunity to go anywhere. There is just something about exploring foreign land with a camera in hand, that makes life so much more worthwhile. 

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