Meet Nurul Mimsy.

Currently taking a double major in public relations and tourism and events management at Murdoch University, Mimsy loves surrounding herself with people and sports - that is, after she's had her morning coffee. She was born in Malaysia but grew up in Singapore and wish to one day retire in Perth or Wellington. The trips that she's taken are mostly spontaneous and/or for work (disclaimer: work means overseas projects) and she would jump at any opportunity to go anywhere. There is just something about exploring foreign land with a camera in hand, that makes daily life so interesting. 

Since 2010 and multiple domain names later, www.nurulmimsy.com was born. This space within the world wide web acts as a personal vault for her to convert everyday thoughts into words and visuals, where she feels safe to share personal thoughts on travel, personal experiences, random stuff, serious issues, recommendations or reviews, as well as adventures and misadventures. 


Meet Fazwan Roslan

Seven years ago, they took the pirate ship together but his existence was completely forgotten. Seven years later and these two are inseparable. Nobody knows how he does it but he often makes her want to squish the hell out of his face for getting on her nerves and make her feel like she's been wrapped in a big warm blanket - all at the same time. He talks a lot and bullies her all the time but he also makes everything crazy fun and gives the best hugs. He's her wonderwall. 
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