Here we are again, closing yet another chapter and on to the next. I'm not going to lie, it has been a pretty amazing year for me. You know how people always say, "

It's really crazy how much can change in a year.

" and that kinda thing? For me, 2018 was that year. I guess it's because I finally stopped making excuses and stopped giving a shit. It honestly feels pretty good to live your life with less drama and a little bit more faith. 

Previous years:






To start off - the thing I spend most of my time doing: work. 

To be completely honest, it

 has been pretty great here. Got promoted when I hit my one year mark with the company and two months later, got the opportunity to transfer to the department that I originally joined this company for. I couldn't gotten this far without my mentors / colleagues and work has been exceptionally fun now, thanks to the boys for taking care of my clingy self every single day.

As expected, it was overwhelming at the start, juggling between school and a full time job. But between having to pay for my uni fees and saving up for the house + wedding + travelling / shopping, I needed to find ways to earn some extra cash on the sides. I was on a lookout for a part time job, initially. But with the new job, I didn't think that it would be advisable for me to clock in an additional 32 hours in another company. Hence, I moved on to these:

Although I wasn't posting regularly this year, I'm still thankful for the collaborations / opportunities that came my way in 2018. I did not start blogging to be an influencer- I hate that word. In 2019, I'm looking to regroup and remind myself of why I started writing in the first place, and I'm working towards some other projects which I hope you'll see in the next year or so.

I revived my passion for baking and started a small home business - @



I continued creating over the weekends -

 for cards / designs.

I also decided to take another step & started selling apparels at

The Pastel Project


Let's have a look at my goals from 2017, for 2018:

✔ Do something daily that keeps me productive -- 

create. create. create.

✗ Eat to fuel my body, not because of boredom -- 

My eating habits are nonsense.

✗ Be more active -- 

Still a potato. I promise this will change. 

 Be more mindful of others.

✔ Be more mindful on social media -- 

No social media drama this year. Staying that way.

✔ Be more responsible with money -- 

Never missed a single uni fees payment, I guess that's a tick.

✗ Make more money so I don't always have to be responsible with money

 Talk more with / make time for family & loved ones.

✔ Travel at least four times -- 

Bangkok, Sydney, Laos, Batam & Malaysia multiple times.

✔ Don't defer and clear every module! -- 

One trimester left & I'm officially done with uni!

I just realised how vague my whole list of goals are. Seriously. How to you even measure mindfulness? Hahahaha. Well.. you can scroll to the bottom of this post if you wanna have a look at my list of (reasonable & measurable) goals for 2019. I promise it makes more sense than this one. Otherwise, let's move on to the highlights.

Chronologically, here's the amazing year I've had:

Had an amazing time counting down to the 

New Year in Bangkok


Brought this one on a surprise trip to the air show for his pre birthday celebration!

Happiest birthday to the love of my life! (

Click here for blog post + vlog


Fazwan's surprise party

at Goodwood Park Hotel!

A weekend spent over at Tampines for Singapore Floorball Open.


outdoor themed birthday surprise

for our outdoor instructor, Ihsan!

Spent a week in


with the family! My favourite trip this year, definitely.

Warms my heart to see this two going for Friday prayers together. 

Four weekend staycations in


with the boys for the Johor Floorball League.

Super great results from the

Johor Floorball League

. Proud of yall!

Qayyum's surprise party but he ended up surprising all of us by proposing to Ain!!!!!!

Spent a day at the SEA warehouse & it was so eye opening!

Can't wait to explore the new warehouse next year. 

Tried wakeboarding for the first time during our work trip!

A week in Laos for community work, the country and it's people are beautiful!

My crazy fiance & friends surprised me for my

twenty sixth birthday

at home!

Belated birthday trip to

Kuala Lumpur

 where we ate and shop alot + 

climbed Bukit Tabur


Finally got engaged to the love of my life!

Our engagement day

was just the way we wanted it to be <3

Craziest / most adult thing we ever did - bought a house and booked our wedding venue!

A short trip to


 with the frenmily - loads of food, for sure!

A Star Wars themed surprise birthday for Karem!

A weekend in Johor for Fatin's surprise party!

Another beautiful niece was born - welcome to the family, Iman <3

Free tickets to USS thanks to my mum, went there before Fazwan left for Finland!

Sent Fazwan & the boys off to Finland / Prague for World Championships.

My good friend from secondary school - Haiqal got married to the love of his life, Lailaty!

Our friend's Muz & Fatin got married on the second last day of the year!

I'm sure he had the time of his life spending 1.5 months in Europe without me *eye roll* but I'm so. I don't think people understand the level of commitment & effort required to get to this stage - even I don't understand. But his loved ones & I have seen the sacrifices he's made, the injuries he sustained, the family gathering he had to miss and the dates he cancelled (!!!) just so he could attend training and games. He's come so damn far since the first time he started playing floorball and I'm so damn proud of this one. 

Continue working hard, F. To hell with the keyboard warriors.

Adulting was the last thing on my to do list but with this amazing year ending, I think I've managed to somehow pull up my socks and work towards the goals that I have had planned for the longest time. I started to find out what I truly wanted in life and I am working on making it happen, one step at a time. It may take me months or even years to achieve it, but I figured if I don't start now, I'll never get it. Of course, I'll take everything in and learn whatever that comes my way. I need to remind myself that - not everything is about the destination, the journey is just as important.

To be honest, the past year have been quite an accomplishment for me (and Fazwan too) because there are a number of things that happened, that we never expected to. I'm thankful. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Moving forward, I've made a little list for the upcoming year. Nothing too elaborate but I tried to make it a little better than last year's vague nonsense. My goals for 2019 are pretty ambitious but I feel like I've been too lenient with myself. I need to challenge myself more. It's the only way I'm going to grow.

Nine goals for twenty nineteen:

  • Graduate.

  • Get my driver's license.

  • Take more photos in general.

  • Write more - blog at least once a week.

  • Start editing & revive my YouTube account.

  • Work out at least twice a week.

  • Sustain the two side businesses I have.

  • Travel to at least 2 new countries.

  • Do something that scares me.

My priorities might have to shift a little because financial planning is gonna be playing a pretty vital role from here on. But this new year is going to be nothing short of exciting. New projects, clearer goals, positive challenges and a number of travel opportunities. I cannot wait to conquer another year. I sure hope that this new beginning will be kind and fulfilling for all of you reading this. Remember, make space for what matters. Have a blessed year ahead!