Fazwan's 25th Surprise (+ VLOG)

Fazwan turned a quarter of a century on the thirteenth of February and god bless, with the help of his loved ones, his friends as well as my friends who helped with the planning, bookings, sneaking around and setting up - I managed to surprise him multiple times! It was kind of a big deal because although Fazwan and I have been friends for more than 7 years (

shhhhh, i know

) this is actually the first time that I'm celebrating his birthday as his girlfriend. So yes, I wanted it to be a memory that will last a lifetime and overlap all the previous birthday surprises he's ever had *flipshair* 

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We would both be working on his birthday, so I had to persuade him to go out with me on the weekend before, which was 3 days before his actual birthday. We started the day bright and early (

like, 7am kinda early

) and he had no idea what was going on but I would leak him clues throughout the day. Sounds like a typical-first-year-girlfriend-surprise but whatever. First up was an exhibition that he's been wanting to go and hinting non-stop: the Singapore Airshow!

I generally hate crowds but it was my first time to the Singapore Airshow, so I was little less whiny.  Hehe. Anyway, it was a pretty good experience, getting to walk into the bomber planes and all that. I particularly loved the flying displays and the extremely loud sound that jets make. I can only thank god that we decided to head to the airshow early - because just as we were about the leave, a whole stampede was about to head into the exhibition area. No, thank you.

We took the cab down to Orchard and had some time to waste before our dinner reservation at Carousel. Yet again, he didn't know where we were going to grab a bite - I told him Jollibee (

watch the vlog!

) and he diligently believed me. 

After stuffing ourselves with the buffet, I had to distract him and brought him around town to "

window shop

" while waiting for the right moment to arrive - for his best friend and elder sister to kidnap him. By this time, I think, he already knew that something was up but played along just to let us have our time. Nonetheless, his best friend managed to catch him off guard, blindfolded him from behind and took him to the car like a juvenile. 

Meanwhile, my friends were busy preparing and gathering Fazwan's friends for the surprise party at Goodwood Park Hotel. My mother could not have found a better time to replace the oven in our kitchen. Sucks that I had an essay assignment due on the eve of the birthday surprise but surprisingly, I got it done a day earlier and I had quite a good time being back in the kitchen, whipping stuff up for everyone.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your personal lives to join me in surprising this man right here. It really meant a lot to him. Special mention to my five friends who put aside a whole day to help me collect, deliver, prepare, decorate and settle everything before the guests and the birthday boy arrived. I owe it to you guys for making this possible. 

And of course, to the birthday boy, everything that needs to be said has been said to you and I don't think I need to write it all here so... happy twenty fifth birthday, Fazwan Roslan! I love you very very much. 

Despite the successful outcome, it was actually extremely stressful and very very difficult for me to keep this whole plan a secret from him because a) we share literally everything with each other, b) he has access to my complete schedule and my instagram account and c) we like to make plans in advance so I actually started the planning process four months earlier, in November last year, just so that he will block this date off to 

"go out on a date"

 with me. Nonetheless, thank god it all went well! Til next time, everyone. Have a blessed weekend ahead.

♥, NMJ