Life Lately: November 2017

I have just cleared a whole chunk of visuals from my iPhone's memory space, so I figured I should squeeze in a quick update just in case I decide to reminisce in the future and not be able to find anything relevant for this time of the year. Okay, fine. I'll admit it. I'm just procrastinating from doing my revision on public policy analysis. I hate that module.

Nonetheless, I'm loving how I'm spending my off days lately, although I procrastinate quite a lot when it comes to revision. I can't wait to get this piece of paper and then be completely done with uni. I have had thoughts about continuing and taking up my masters but... I think I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Life lately has been about:

Weddings, weddings and more weddings! I love attending weddings, not just because I get to dress up and coordinate my outfits with Fazwan's. I get to meet up with old friends and do some catching up while feasting too. If you know me well enough, you'd know how much I never believed in commitment - thanks dad for crushing my perception on marriages. Let's just say that attending my friends' weddings have given me a little.. hope. Well, congratulations to all the newlyweds! <3

We were invited to the premiere of Disney Pixar's Coco and loved the movie to bits! In case you're still contemplating on whether or not to watch it,

read about why I loved it here

. At the start it may feel like a childish cartoon but at the end of it, I swear you won't regret getting the tickets. 

My league's long over but Fazwan's still busy as ever with floorball. What people see is this hilarious and happy-go-lucky goalkeeper always lugging his huge Salming bag around but what people don't see is the amount of time and effort that he has put in, the dates that he sacrificed to volunteer at the stadium, the money that he spent on his gear, how late he comes home and how early he wakes up just to juggle a full time job and attend every single training, and how disappointed he gets with himself when he doesn't perform up to the standards that he had set for himself. I really hope that he gets his time to shine on the international court.

I count myself blessed to be part of a company that strongly believes in sports bringing people together and ensures that their staff stay fit / happy as well. Well we had the Decathlon championships this month with volleyball two weeks ago, dragonboat last week and futsal next week. Can't freaking wait!

And of course, I can never thank

this joker

 enough for always making the time for us, despite the crazy schedule he has, and doing things that he would never have done with anybody else - like walk on the treetop walk despite being afraid of heights and considering having fitness dates in the forest when he's not a big fan of the outdoors. Opposites do attract, I guess!

Six more days until I am done with this semester and I cannot wait to spend my off days editing the footages from past trips / revamping this whole blog space / finalising some sense of direction for 2018 and I sure hope my pay will come in on time so that I can splurge myself crazy in Bangkok. I need a good massage so bad.

Also, I've yet to decide on how I should do up my 2017 post. I can't decide between doing a video montage like I did

last year,

or do up a whole blog post and write the details down in black and white. What do you guys think? Let me know!

Til then, have a good start to December everyone! :)

â™Ĩ, NMJ