Review: Shenton Kebabs (Perth)

On our first night in Perth, we arrived just when the stores were all closing for the day. It was a cold winter night and we were starving after the five hour flight. Thankfully, there was this quaint little eatery just ten minutes away from our apartment, on Onslow Road.

What are the chances of it being halal,

I thought. We were afraid that we would have to settle for vegetarian food but fortunately, it was all halal meat and the eatery is managed by two very friendly Turkish men. We ended up coming here two days in a row.

Shenton Kebabs

159 Onslow Road, Shenton Park

Western Australia 6008, Australia

There was so much variety on their menu, I swear I was spoilt for choice. From the choice of meat, sauces, vegetables and also the type of dish you'd like to enjoy. I was expecting the usual - burger, kebab or wrap. But to my surprise there were at least seven or eight types of items, even exotic ones that I never knew existed like the Gozleme.

The standard meals came with a drink and a side of fries. I am not a fan of french fries, so the girls finished mine up. I tried the kebab on my first day there just to be safe, but I tried the gozleme the next day and it was so good I'm craving for it right now. We also bought a box of kebab pizza to be shared among the four of us. Definitely worth the visit if you're around the area.

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