The #MuzGetsWyse Wedding

Our good friends Muzhaffar & Fatin finally tied the knot last weekend! I find it super cute, the story of how Muz & Fatin met. I shall not let out too much (because it's not my story to tell) but they met at Sarimbun Campsite when they were doing a camp and according to Muz, it was love at first sight. As outdoor camp instructors, I'm sure most of us have had our fair share of outdoor romance (hahahaha) but to actually get married and seal the deal!? Respect!

It's very rare for me to blog about weddings because usually, I have multiple weddings to attend on the same day - but this was because I had to stick around since I was gievn the honour of settling their wedding invitation cards and wedding cake display! I rarely take up jobs for a friend's wedding - but the deal was made a long time ago and I couldn't disappoint or pull myself out at the very last minute, so I had to put up a good show of course!

Since Fazwan and I had to stay for almost half a day setting up (thank you guys for helping with the setup) and ensuring that nothing happens to the cake until the sanding ceremony is over, I thought I'd blog about it. But before we get to the visuals of the bakes I did, let's run through the day chronologically. Btw, photos were mostly taken by Fazwan, what a surprise! He suddenly grabbed hold of my Fuji and ran around like an unofficial photographer. #roadtoinstagramhusband? 

Love this shot - Karem stealing Fazwan's attention away from me & the two kaypo at the back. Hahaha.

The boys, missing Lele. So who's next, guys?

The ladies - clashes in personalities for some of us, but we make do. Hehe.

Oops? Hahaha, just kidding.

A major lifesaver! I had this with me throughout the entire event.

The pretty bride has taken her place on the throne.

That smile when she first caught a glimpse of her husband.

And there he was, walking into the ceremony as "the king of the day". 



is really similar to


. Idk why Asians like to do this. 

The first


after the


. It was such a sweet moment, I think you know what came next: 

The waterworks! We couldn't help ourselves. 

Okay, enough of the emotional crap. Time for cake! 

This is the first time that I've done something so extra, but this was how the bride wanted it to be!

The signages were reused and have been going around with me for many different parties.

Semi naked rustic cake that Fazwan thought was

incomplete because the sides weren't smoothen out

. Hahahaha. Also, the customized wooden topper from @

complimented the whole setup beautifully.

Flowers with chocolates shards to make it look like


The DIY sign that I got from Daiso. Used the same one for

Ihsan's surprise party

last year!

Vanilla Nutella Cupcakes, as requested by the bride as well.

I loved how this turned out! I'm not a frequent baker and I am fairly new at these wedding displays but I sure regret not putting my name card or instagram handle anywhere on the table. But that's okay, I'm still learning. Well, I'm just happy the bride, groom and guests loved them! Alhamdulillah! 

Oh, here's a peak at their wedding invitation! 

I do take in orders for the weekends so do follow the instagram account I created for these - @


(yes, that's me!) or just hit me up if you need a seasonal designer/baker :) Thank you Muz & Fatin for being such a chill and decisive couple to work with! And of course, congratulations on your new status as husband and wife. May you be blessed with all the good things in life <3