(A Very Very Belated) Thank You 2017

Wow, it's been a really long time since I last sat down to write my thoughts here. 

Funny how


 my brain works. People usually get inspired on the last few days of the year and start scribbling

new year resolutions

a few weeks before the it starts.

I used to be like that.

That was, until 2017 happened. Just look at me, I am writing this post months into the

not-so-new year

and I did not even set aside time to create a wrap up video or reflections post whatsoever, like how I did for most years. That is so unlike me. 




I did celebrate the arrival of the new year with my significant other,


, but I remembered how distant in thought I was during our 

New Year's dinner cruise

. I remembered the look of slight disappointment on Fazwan's face because probably to him, it felt like my body was there but my mind wasn't. I didn't even take that many photos or videos and that is really unlike me but in all honesty, I was just trying my best to live in the moment -



The first half of 2017 saw me bouncing from extreme ends of the happiness spectrum and 

I'm not quite sure why, but the end of 2017 felt really different for me. For once, I didn't feel like the year was ending. It felt more like a continuation and I was genuinely happy. I had actually written down a whole list of setbacks, and then another list of blessings, but I figured,

what's the point?

I have so many things to be thankful for this past year. 

Here are the memories I'll keep from 2017: 

Celebrated New Year's with the boys in





Kuala Lumpur


Probably the last camp that I did - a pretty memorable one!

Swimming with the whale sharks and jumping off cliffs in Cebu.

Amazing week in El Nido - definitely one of the most unique place I've ever been to.

I was being quite a lazy bum but Manila was pretty nice.

Rainbows For Batam with Atikah (

The Tudung Traveller

) & the RFB team.

It was a pretty good year with this team.

I re-met this gentleman right here after seven years. Pretty crazy how things happen, come to think of it.

Three months here have been pretty great!

Spent a week in Vietnam with Syaz & Faris. We did lots of shopping!

Our first season together as a couple!

Illya & Irfan got engaged, and Kak Illya got married!

Belated birthday trip to


& dragged Fazwan out of his comfort zone!

Took a trip to


to shop and explore since Fazwan's never been there before!

Fazwan took me on a 

dinner cruise

 to celebrate the New Year! The fireworks were 


 above us!

For 2018, my goals are pretty straightforward:

  • Do something daily that keeps me productive (write, read 1-2 chapters of a book, draw something)

  • Eat to fuel my body, not because of boredom

  • Be more active -- walk to places instead of taking public transport

  • Be more mindful of others

  • Be more mindful of what I post on social media

  • Be more responsible with money

  • Make more money so I don't always have to be responsible with money (probably one of the biggest motivators! Haha)

  • Talk more with / make time for family & loved ones

  • Travel at least four times

  • Don't defer and clear every module!

Alhamdulillah, it has been a pretty good year, that's for sure! But I have a super good feeling about the upcoming year. I'm excited to see what it has in stored, more excited than usual in fact. May this new year bring everyone joy to wake up everyday, excitement to get through everything and a sense of satisfaction so that we can look back at it again at the end of December and be thankful. Insya'Allah.