I have been down with a serious case of runny nose and headache. My mother thinks that it's because I've been riding without a jacket (typical makcik thinking hahaha) and my friends think it's because I haven't had a single off day since forever. Well, they are all probably right but the last time I felt this horrible and sick was when I was on the ten days trip with the boys to Indo-Malaya. A round of applause to my immune system for being able to sustain seven months without a single visit to the doctor. 

Anyway, I'm too


sick to list down a caption for each square. They are pretty self-explanatory anyway, right? And no, I have not even started on editing the footage for the vlog or trip overview (please don't kill me, boys) but in order to make myself feel better, here is a recap on our trip to Yogyakarta in squares. We spent new year's there and it was a trip to remember indeed. I promise I'll start editing and writing about the trip soon. Promise. Meanwhile, you can find more photos from the trip here: 

2016 - Yogyakarta

 and also, Bhram if you're reading this, please get married quickly so we can all have a reason to fly back to Jogja! 

Til then, stay healthy everybody. 

♥, NMJ