Review: Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC (KL)

Photo: Agoda

The last accommodation review that I wrote was in December 2018! Holy crap. It has been a freaking long while, hasn't it? Well just two days ago, Fazwan and I booked another trip to this neighbouring country. Hence, I thought I'd write a review for one of the accommodations that I've been to in KL before trying a new one this August. I swear it's slowly becoming our second home. Since we're trying to save as much of our leaves as possible, KL has become the perfect destination for short getaways.

Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC
160, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Malaysia
Duration of stay: 3D2N in November 2018
Room booked: Superior Twin
Price per night: SGD77 per night with breakfast


The location of this hotel is everything! My friend Karem actually recommended this hotel to me when I told him that I was heading there with my mum. He has never stayed here before but I was looking for something close to everything, so this location was perfect. It's walking distance to so many attractions - 1 min walk to Avenue K (It's right in front of the hotel entrance), 3 mins walk to Tapak Urban Street Dining, and 5 mins walk to Suria KLCC and the MRT / LRT station.

Hotel Common Areas:

The common areas of the hotel were pretty well decorated. I especially loved the fairy lights at the entrance and lift lobby of the hotel. But after looking through their photos online, I realised that these lights aren't up permanently. I'm guessing the decorations were probably up because we visited during the holiday season. However, other than the lobby, the rest of the common areas in the hotel are pretty gloomy, to be honest.

Photo: Agoda

I'm not quite sure what their theme is but the hallways had this kinda dark, industrial vibe where the walls are grey and the accents were metallic / dark maroon. I am not particular with these, to be honest, I care about cleanliness and comfort first. But my mum wasn't quite fond of this vibe - you know how typical makcik will always associate dark decorations with voodoo / ghostly encounters. Hahahaha hello mother, if you're reading this.


My mum and I booked the Superior Twin room, which costs about SGD77 per night, before discount. At the very first glance, I loved it. The wifi was okay, there's basic amenities that were working just fine and it has great natural lighting entering the room due to the large row of window panels and there's just something about wooden accents against white walls that makes me feel fresh and gives off this earthy vibes.

But my positive first impression died down once I drew the curtains open. It was gross, to say the least. I don't think that the windows have ever been cleaned before - which is a complete waste because the view was pretty good, seeing that the location is quite prime. I mean.. judge for yourself by the looking at the pictures below: 

This was a complete turn off, for sure. I don't know about you guys but for the amount that we pay to hotels for cleaning and service charges, I think that at the very least, hygiene / cleanliness should be at the very top of their priority list. 

Photo: Agoda

Guest Service:

Thankfully, the guest service was really nice and genuine. We did not ask for a change of room because my mum didn't wanna be of trouble since it's just the window panels - but I did lost the receipt for our hotel deposit, which they were nice enough to let is pass and return my deposit still. 


I hate waking up early but checking out the hotel breakfast always makes me feel more motivated to get out of bed. Hehe. Their hotel’s restaurant is themed with Japanese decorations. It's because after breakfast operation hours, this is infact a halal Japanese restaurant called Rokko KL Japanese Grill Dining. 

There wasn't much variety but it was sufficient and it was already included into our hotel booking. However, my mum and I only dined here for breakfast once out of the three days stay, though. For the remaining two days, we woke up after the breakfast hours and ended up having brunch elsewhere. 

What We Liked:

The location comes first, definitely. The friendly doorman - he was really nice and helpful. The hotel staff. The comfy beds. The wifi. 

What We Didn't Like:

The cleanliness. The lack in variety of food for breakfast. The guest lobby is on the third floor, accessible to anyone entering the building - I think this can be an issue to people who are particular about guest safety. 

Would I Stay Here Again?

There are quite a number of accommodations around the same plot of land so if I have a choice, probably not. 


This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All information displayed are accurate at the time of posting. All photos are by Nurul Mimsy, unless otherwise stated.