You, Me & The Sea

I should be studying right now but I'm out of brain juice and I need a break.

It has been a stressful couple of months with so many changes and challenges. Fazwan and I needed something to take our mind off work and saving money for the wedding. We have been yearning for a short trip to Bali or Krabi but the expenses from that trip would just be additional stress, so we went ahead to plan for something that we wouldn't normally do - have a picnic, by the beach, 

on a weekend


To be completely honest, I think we were both pretty excited about this day actually. We had planned the day before on the things to bring along, the snacks to munch on and the lovely roti kirai lunch set that my mum had packed for us. Fazwan even initiated that we should coordinate our outfits - which is really super rare! 

It was hilarious at first because this isn't something we would normally do but after settling down, it was actually pretty calming to just lay down and enjoy each others' company. Though if given a choice, I think next time we will definitely opt for Marina Barrage rather than East Coast Park. We're not really big fans of sand.

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate this man right here. <3