Life Lately From my iPhone

Wow, it's been a really long time. The last time I wrote a life lately update was in November last year! A whole lot has been going on and a lot has happened, that's for sure. I sincerely apologize for my lack of consistency in updating this space & I've been struggling with it for a few years now and the feeling sucks :( I just can't wait for school to be over, honestly. 

Anyway, I was about to go into the detail of things for this post, but then I stopped myself. I figured, it's too late in the year for me to do that - might as well save it for a "Thank you 2018" post - something I skipped for 2017 but I've been excited to write one this year. Keep a look out for that! 

For now, let's see, life lately has been about:

Fazwan leaving Singapore to pursue his athletic dream in Finland & Prague for almost two months. I could fly out to Prague and catch the world cup matches live but I'd rather be there in spirit because the flight tickets can cover the cost of my wedding dresses, hair and makeup. Hahahaha. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who took the liberty and time to send the boys off art the airport. I'll write a separate post for that because there's too many pictures. 

The day after Fazwan went to Finland, I flew to Kuala Lumpur with my mother for our yearly shopping trip. I was rooting for Bangkok because the last time I stepped foot in Thailand was a year ago, but she wanted somewhere near instead. Today, she told me that we should have went to Bangkok because there's some mega Longchamp sale at Siam Parangon. Oh well, too late now mother.

We had quite a number of new additions to both sides of the family but this was the one with Baby Iman. Fazwan, as usual, is a natural baby whisperer. Maybe that's why I'm so calm when I'm around him - cos I'm such a big baby. No? Hahaha. Welcome to the family, Iman! Can't wait to meet the rest of the little ones from both our sides of the family. 

We went to Batam with our friends to spend some time away from work, stock up on cheap coffee and groceries, get pampered with massage, eat good food and also managed to pull off an advanced surprise celebration for Karem on his 29th birthday! It's extremely hard to get everyone together with their busy schedules and I'm so glad we managed to do a trip, albeit a short one, we still enjoyed it! 

A week later, Fazwan and I had a staycation at Johor before he flew off the week after. It was another great trip because we managed to stuff our tummies, run errands for stuffs that we needed to get for Fatin and Muz's wedding cake, and also managed to pull a belated birthday surprise for Fatin at the apartment they were staying at and then have a heart shisha session with everyone after. Loved it.

We visited Universal Studios Singapore together, after god knows how long, and only because we had free tickets and express passes. It wasn't a surprise that it was crowded as ever outside of the park, it was almost impossible to get this shot with the universal globe! If you look closely, you can see how this photo was extremely photoshopped to remove all the strangers that were in the picture. Hehe. I tried. 

I've been eating Jollibee a lot. Probably once every two weeks? That's rare, even for me but I loved this fast food joint from the first time I tried it in Cebu with Ezza. It's alot nicer here in Singapore though. Probably because a) it's not as accessible as it is in the Philippines and b) it's halal certified.

Work has occupied most of my time and that's nothing new, but I celebrated my one year anniversary with the company by taking on a new role as Sports Leader. That step put a lot more on my plate but I'm thankful for the opportunities and guidance, nonetheless. I really like this company and I hope I'll continue liking it for a long time. 

I have one final trimester of school left. I never had the great university experience (read: IVP, hall / hostel life, lectures, etc) because I am juggling both a full time job and a part time degree. I honestly just cannot wait to graduate and be done with this phase of my life so that I can finally focus on my career, my health, this blog and my plans for the future.  

Last but not least, I got engaged to the love of my life! This was obviously not taken by a phone but it's my favourite wallpaper of us. It was one of the most beautiful days in my life and it deserves its own blog post, obviously. But moving forward, it has been three months of bliss with this boy. We have had our fair share of relationship problems but we have also made big decisions and taken pretty huge steps too - things of which I will mention in the 2018 wrap up. 

May everything go smoothly from here on out, insha'Allah. 

I guess, that's all the photos I have in my iPhone that isn't spam or screenshots, including some things I vaguely recall to update. I tried keeping it as short and sweet as possible, so as to not spoil the fun of the 2018 wrap up, so do keep a look out for that and have a great start to the new week everyone!