Because.. well.. it's Ally.

I think we've gotten around to pulling off so many birthday / farewell surprises for each other that it has become more of an anticipation rather than a genuine, unexpected surprise. Somehow, all of us know for sure that something will be planned - complete with secret telegram groups with different aliases - but we just have no idea when it's gonna happen. 

Past surprises:

Fazwan's 25th Surprise


Ihsan's 25th Surprise

These are just two from when the boys turned 25 - there are more that I didn't take enough pictures to blog about - like how we made Aila cry at East Coast because she thought we were all fighting and the Darth Vader themed one we pulled off for Karem in Batam. But with Ally, this feeling of anticipation is greatly amplified and it becomes a whole new level of difficulty to pull a surprise off because... well.. it's Ally. Hahahaha. 

There were tapestry mats and pillows from mine and Jiji's home, fairy lights and fake leaves from 

Muz & Fatin's wedding cake set-up

. Lele even brought his guitar along! 

We went a little extra with the decorations 

because.. well.. it's Ally. 

"Everyday is my birthday"

- the quote that this bitch loves to say. Every time we celebrate someone's birthday, Ally will post on her instastory like we are singing the birthday song for her - because.. well.. it's Ally. Even her campers know this quote. Hahaha.

Ally being Ally, she was late to her own surprise party. The boys got too hungry from waiting so they started eating first and then hid the evidence. But in the end, Ally still manage to find out about the half eaten pack of oreos and keropok lekor because.. well.. it's Ally. 

Just look at that annoying smile on this girl. Hahaha. Happiest 25th, Ally!

We had Aila be the bait for this. She was supposed to act like she was stressed out and needed someone to talk to. But after shee faced the raft of having to answer all of Ally's questions - she probably ended up with real anxiety 

because.. well.. it's Ally. 

And of course, the cherry on top of her non-chocolate cake - Zul made an appearance despite having to cancel their plans at the very last minute just so that our plan could fall through! 

The whole area was too dark for us to take any more photos but it was really nice just chilling, munching, and singing along to songs that we all used to sing in poly. Crazy to see how close we've all become through camps / birthdays / events / etc. Growing apart is a part of growing up and I've lost quite a number of good friends over the last ten years - but I really, really hope this bunch is for keeps. Happy Birthday again, my sister from another mother. Looking forward to what you have in store for my birthday ;)