It's been a pretty hectic week, lately.

All I did last week was anticipate the fact that Fizzy would be ending his three weeks of reservist. That was, before we received an urgent phone call from my mother that night saying that my grandpa got down with the shivers. It was pretty serious til he was rushed to the hospital.

My family and I spent the night at the hospital, waiting for him to be cleared from the observation ward, which took more than fourteen hours. The wait was excruciatingly long! It got me wondering if this is what the world believes to be one of the best healthcare industries.. how badly is it in other countries?! Fourteen hours of waiting was torturous enough - not only for the family, but imagine the patient's pain.

The news came in as a total shock to us because he has always been pretty fit for an elderly, going for soccer matches every week and rarely seen lazing around at home. Pretty scary seeing him in such a condition. Please pray for my grandfather's health. Right now I'm really just hoping that he gets back on his feet and be himself again.