Keeping fit during Ramadhan.

The physical requirements of Ramadan are simply no food or water during daylight hours but how does one stay hydrated and continue training, if not allowed to consume water? Well, I've been finding tips/advice on how to continue training during the fasting month and I've talked to friends whose mindsets are of two extreme ends - either a total advantage or disadvantage - but I have yet to experience it myself. I did not go to the gym this week, fearing the fact that I'll crumble. That sounds like an excuse but personally, the first four days of Ramadhan has been pretty good, I should say.

Did my research today and Propane Fitness has been the most relevant, thus far.
Here's six tips that I got from the article:

  1. Forget trying to eat clean. Adjust evening foods to match your appetite and get sufficient protein. Don't be afraid to rely on shakes to get your protein fix.
  2. Don’t deliberately aim for a calorie deficit. If calories are too low, you’ll be worn down and under-recovered.
  3. Stay hydrated at night. Aim for at least 2.5 litres.
  4. Eating carbs at night helps you get leaner, gain more muscle and sleep better.
  5. While fasting is technically a catabolic process, you’ll offset any muscle loss by eating sufficient calories and signalling your body to retain muscle by training properly.
  6. Do low volume training at night, only for two to three times a week.

You should avoid training fasted: the dehydration increases risk of injury and will inhibit performance + recovery. The only fitness goal you should realistically aim to pursue is maintenance during this month. You will find that you lose fat naturally from the fast, provided that your calories are sensible, but this is not the time to try to force it.

I am definitely giving this a try - seems legit. I hope the knowledge acquired from this article will help me throughout this month's fitness plans and hope you'll benefit from this too!