Transformers Hari Raya Outing 2014

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Lucky for us Muslims, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is actually a month long - simply because we spent a whole month fasting, our God is very fair and rewarding like that. Hehe. Well, I don't go visiting on the first week of Hari Raya because I'm staying with my grandparents - everyone comes to my house instead - and that's precisely why I'll pounce on any opportunity that I can get to go out for visiting with my friends. This year (since I'm already working full time) it'll be pretty hard to request for off days, but thankfully all of our requests were fulfilled and we kicked off with celebrating it with the Transformers crew yesterday! Here's a few snippets of the whole day - more photos on my Facebook as usual :)

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Fizzy and I went clad in pink this time, we didn't actually went out to buy a set together though. Not that we didn't wanna be mainstream but.... we didn't even shop for Hari Raya clothes, bags or shoes. My Chanel jumbo flap was a gift from my mum and we wore clothes and heels/capal from previous years - we are really lazy celebrators. Hahaha. Nonetheless, it was a really enjoyable day spent with the Transformers crews. From janji melayu meeting time, pizza feast, making up our super tomboy friend, monopod wars, watching Conjuring the movie at dusk, impromptu jamming session and ending the night with FIFA14. Thank you for having me, NEST officers! More to come next year, Insya'Allah :)