10 things I learnt while in Phuket

  1. Thais are super polite!
    At first I thought that they were only nice to us because we are tourists but as days go by, we realized that they are genuinely that nice. It's kinda hard to believe at times but I guess you just gotta learn to accept the fact that there are nice people on Earth after all.

  2. Basic Thai ain't so basic.
    The basic words of this language are nothing compared to conversational mandarin (and I thought Chinese was hard enough as it is). Pronunciation of the most basic terms like "hello" or "thank you" varies differently for the male and female, I often find myself being corrected by the locals. #fail

  3. Everything is bargain-able.
    It works if you're not a Singaporean or an angmoh, because somehow locals mark up the price like crazy if you're one of those two. Well what we did was told shopkeepers we're from Malaysia - which is half true because I was born a Malaysian after all, so technically we didn't lie. Hehe.

  4. Wifi is everywhere.
    Almost every single restaurant or public place we visited had free wifi service, all you have to do is either ask for the password politely or complete some sort of tourist survey before being given access.

  5. Google maps don't work on locals.
    I don't know how they memorize the way around the country but that's how they get around - memorization. There are barely any signboards around and traffic lights are a rare find. Mad respects to them for being able to do that. I rely on Google maps all the time!

  6. Convenient stores are lifesavers!
    We relied on convenient stores alot while in Phuket - namely Family Mart & 7 Eleven. They are everywhere, there's halal food choices for budget broke backpackers like us and when we got into the accident, we looked up and there it was across the street for us to get some water, alcohol swabs and bandages.

  7. Drink from cans rather than glasses.
    If you've read the reviews I've written on the restaurants we dined in, I've mentioned how most "halal" stores in Thailand serve alcohol. Their kitchen are pork and lard free, sure, but alcohol is served so it's always better to drink straight from the can rather than recycled glasses.

  8. Straight forward is the way to go.
    When you have a strict budget to follow, straight forward is the way to go - so just ask for a discount instead of listening to the same old tour agent blabs. If they quote a super high price, reject nicely and move along. There are cheaper options all the time.

  9. Confirm and double confirm.
    I used to be a jinx when it comes to online bookings and that made me insecure even before flying off - so I became a paranoid one instead and double confirmed with all the parties involved before my trip or visit - especially when it comes to payment wise. I wouldn't wanna pay twice without knowing, so paying beforehand works best for me.

  10.  Respect is mutual.
    We have read many negative reviews of the places we visited but felt totally opposite as to how the reviewers mentioned. Then we realized that we behave as to how we wish our guests would while we're at work. It's easy really - don't treat service providers like dogs and they won't treat you like you're dog poop.