7 Things I'm Thankful For This Week

Things have been pretty out of place lately - I blame shark week. Despite the dreadful cramps and emotional roller coasters, I am trying my absolute best to stay positive and keep myself occupied with as many happy thoughts as possible.

  1. I found out recently that my grandparents miss me like crazy. They watch me leave for work in the mornings and welcome me home every single night but yet, they barely get a minute's worth of conversation with me. I need to bring them out soon.

  2. This new blog layout looks so good! It feels really amazing getting to write and read my written posts in such a simple, clean and minimalistic layout. Credits goes to Joomla for creating such a charm.

  3. Sprinklemess has been getting pretty good attention from the media lately. Though it's unfortunate that I need to reject some great opportunities due to our full time work commitment, it still feels like an accomplishment to know that we are appreciated and have been seen on the radar.

  4. The SJ4000 camera that Hafiz bought me for my birthday crashed when we crashed in Phuket. We were totally bummed about it because we couldn't get any good footage underwater without it when we went snorkeling. We assumed it was because it wasn't shock proof but to my surprise, it switched itself on last week!

  5. I have been on time for work almost every day this month. On some days, I even came an hour early! That is an extremely good accomplishment for someone who has never been on time for her three years in poly.

  6. Bumped into some old friends recently - at prawning and around Vivocity. Feels good to know that I do have friends who wishes me well without asking for anything in return. It's really hard to find genuinely caring friends nowadays when most only show their concern to ask for favors.

  7. Hafiz has been the most supportive and amazing partner, just as he has always been since the day we met. I honestly can't imagine how miserable my life would be without him - he gives me a reason to smile every second of every day even when I have nothing to feel happy about.