You're not a tree. Move.

I woke up today feeling like a pile of mashed potatoes. I ranted to Fizzy about all these things that have been bothering me and how the amount of worry I have in my head piles up more and more each day. Also, I have this extremely bad habit of expecting other people to make me happy or expecting my day to turn out just fine without me doing anything or dwelling on the things that made me happy in the past and posting throwbacks and throwbacks of my life in the outdoors. It didn't help that Fizzy is a man of very few words when it comes to whatsapp and social media.

And then it struck me.

This boy has a certificate in accountancy, not psychology. He can't solve my problems for me. But Fizzy only lives by common sense and he has this mantra that he lives by since forever. For the two years, he has tried to instil it in me but I never fully understood what he meant - until today. He keeps reminding me - "You're not a tree. Move." - which basically means that if there is something that bothers you, do something about it and not just stand there expecting it to go away. As I ran my two miles today, I gave it a thought and tried coming into terms of understanding what this actually means.

Ants are annoying. When ants build a nest on the tree's trunk, if the tree had a mind of it's own it will want the ants to f-off right? But the thing is, reality isn't like Pocahontas - the tree can't freaking move! So... I'm not a tree. I can actually swipe off those pesky little insects off the bloody trunk. It's just a matter of whether I want to do it or not.