Batam, Indonesia - Day One

Last Saturday, a colleague turned friend of ours turned a year older and her partner decided to plan a surprise weekend getaway for her. He sought our help to get everything in order. Thank god all of our leave requests got approved because the trip wasn't a surprise, but the other five of us coming along was. Nazurah was pleasantly surprised indeed!

Had breakfast and strolled up to the departure hall to find out that the ferry we were supposed to board had already departed. I never really knew what actually happened because I never got an explanation but I shall believe that it was all just a miscommunication. Our rides got rescheduled and that gave us quite an amount of time to kill.

Of course, I had my partner in crime with me.

I have never had problems with taking sea transportation because firstly, I work in water and secondly, I take ferries to and fro when we were still working as camp instructors. I do get a little queasy after a few wave bumps but nothing some Mentos can't handle. Also, I sleep alot. Time pasts by quite quickly when you're in lala land and I'm bringing this up because alot of visitors complained about being seasick or the ferry being a tad too bumpy. I can't stand makcik makcik sometimes. Felt like turning around and telling them - this is the sea, auntie. The ferry captain isn't Poseidon so I doubt he can control the waves... Hehe okay too bitchy, but seriously try having whining makciks near you when you're trying to sleep. Dah tau selalu mabuk tu bawak lah asam on standby. -.-

Anyway! Grabbed a cab from where we got off and headed straight to Harris Waterfront Resort. There was a delay - one of our three rooms wasn't ready but that wasn't much of a bother though. The staff that checked us in was super nice and sweet. Checked into the first two rooms and five minutes later, the keys to the last room got delivered to us. How sweet. Also, I have this habit of walking across the room with my shoes still on just to check out the view. Oops.

Fizzy on the other hand...

Spent some time getting used to the rooms and washed ourselves up before heading out again to see what we could do. All seven of us got down to some serious itinerary planning after that because some things just went wayyyy off the grid - like missing our ferry, having the day pushed two hours back and realizing that there wasn't as many things that we could do on the hotel premises as their website promised us.


The boys had some fun playing target shooting with paintball guns, which cost us around SGD15 per person for 30 bullets. Pretty overpriced for basic facilities but the boys insisted. We would have settled for a legit paintball game instead but most of us didn't wanna get our shoes dirty, so stationary target shooting was enough for the boys.

Found our favourite chocolate bars from the resort's convenience store for half the price, what a steal! Grabbed a few snacks to munch on in the private car and settled for a late lunch at.....

A&W! How can one visit Batam and not have a meal here?

I never really understood why the food chain pulled its franchises out of Singapore but I learnt today that it was due to the fact that they were not making any profit? Something about there not being as many customers as they had hoped. Singaporeans must have been crazy back then, to not want to keep this food chain running in our country. I guess the saying is true - you never really know how to appreciate what you have until it's gone.

Apparently this is the correct way of eating waffles with ice cream. I never knew there was a correct way, I just put everything in my mouth hehehehe but Fiz insisted that this was how it is meant to be eaten. Made sense actually. I have always wondered how I can be fair to every inch of waffle so that they all get the same amount of ice cream. I know this sounds sarcastic on all levels but if you're reading this baby, I'm not okay. Hehe.


The seven of us did some serious grocery shopping. Fiz even got his hands on a Beats speaker for 1/4 of the price that you pay in Singapore. Perks of visiting warehouse outlets. The mall was a rip off though. The two of us spent only thirty minutes to cover the whole mall and all we were searching for was boardshorts for him - there aren't any (!!) because simply.. this isn't Bali. Meh.

We proceeded to have supper after all the grocery shopping, I wrote about our super filling meal here. The day started off pretty crappy with us missing our ferry unknowingly and got shocked by how over-promising the resort's website was but I must say, going to sleep with a happy flabby tummy compensates a whole day of eyeball rolling for sure.