Vision vs Passion

Back when I was still a full time camp instructor, I used to hate staying home. It came out kinda surprising because people around me would have thought that after being outdoors for six days a week, I would squeal at the chance of getting to stay home the entire day in the comfort of my own four walls and bed.. but no! Ironically I yearn for more adventures and explorations and on most days, I end up tiring myself out til the last drop of energy is gone and I crashed right back at my dorm room in camp. Story of my teenage life - the best eight camping years of my life.

However, lately I've been yearning to stay home more often til I've come to a conclusion that off days spent at home are the best off days spent. Productive or not, that's a whole other story. But being able to slack in the comfort of your own four walls in your favourite shorts, oversized tee, glasses and no make up on - that is definitely a uniform to die for. What more being able to earn a living out of that life. That would be so freaking awesome.

I have always had conflicting passions (outdoors vs baking) and it has always been a dream of mine to be my own boss. I would love to work from the comfort of my own home - there are so many pros and very few cons (I hope) that I can list down if that were to happen but the thing is... it never happens! I just never know where to begin. No wait, scratch that. I know how to run a self-employed business. I can design my own logos, create my own website, source my own suppliers, etc.

Unfortunately though, I get tired of things really easily - even if it's a passion. There was once when I had to be outstationed for three weeks straight for camps and by the second week, I was bored. It is my passion but I do get tired of it. The closest thing I have to working from home is running my little home bakery and I know for sure that I can never use that as a full time job because I don't trust myself to stay motivated if I were to be working alone. Tsk. Growing up is a chore.
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