After Work Shinanigans

Our company (I won't say mention names so this won't pop up in search engines) has this employee rewards system whereby if a manager spots you doing a good deed, he or she can award you a "Silver Card" where they can comment on your positive actions, based on our company's mission. Once you get three cards, you can go down to the Human Resource office and grab a shopping voucher worth yadi yadi yada. We had all the time in the world after work, so we decided to spend Wan's because apparently, he has received the most number of Silver Cards amongst our bunch of friends. Here is where I roll my eyes.

 photo 10933766_851031944956388_248008271859998695_n_zps7pfm4wgn.jpg

Wan bought loads of stuff for his family, namely mugs, and a few knick knacks here and there. Jing only realized that her cookie monster keychain wasn't in working condition after we left the store. The lights weren't working or something. Hence, the sulky/anxious faces. But despite it being a sales item, we still managed to get a replacement thanks to our company's commendable internal guest service yay hehehehe.

 photo 10915148_851032054956377_6015760303594243729_n_zpsf6ekaiqd.jpg  photo 10941825_851032081623041_2670461660134713615_n_zpsyx2q5usn.jpg
 WanSyaz even let me grab a keychain for myself (yay!) and Fizzy spotted this! 
How nice. The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think?

  photo 1781967_851032124956370_4109477660306134536_n_zpsdh95ejts.jpg