Review: Wey Wey Seafood (Batam)

Location & Amenities:
Told our driver that we wanted good seafood and he drove us here - Wey Wey Live Seafood. Such a cute name. There were more seafood restaurants along the same road but we trust it when a local recommends, hence settled for this one. Nothing else in the area though, just rows and rows of seafood places by the sea.

Staff & Service:
Staffs were pretty flirty, or maybe just over friendly. The place only served seafood, no pork or lard but all of the seafood restaurants had alcohol on their menu. Kinda like Thailand. Service depends solely on the amount of guests they have and trust me when I say, they won't be bothered to rush just for you. 

Place & Ambience:
We went to the place at night, so there wasn't really that much of a view but the whole set up was pretty decent. It was drizzling so we had no choice but to choose the seats that were sheltered. Some unlucky ones has to sit just outside of their busy kitchen / washing area. I don't know how they still had the appetite to eat being placed next to the huge bin. So if you do have a choice, go alfresco. The fresh air would make a whole lot of difference. 

Now for the food. Be prepared to drool. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Taste & Price:
The food was fresh but wasn't anything spectacular, but the price was really affordable. We spent approximately SGD98 on the whole feast with ten dishes, a big bucket of rice, two drinks for most of us, two legit coconuts and one bottle of beer for the chinese boy. We divided the cost evenly so that means that we only paid SGD14 per person - cheap or not, you tell me. Plus the ambiance was really calming (despite it having just rained) with pretty fairy lights and the occasional sea breeze... ah I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful this place looks like while the sun is going down.

This review was not written under any pressure, endorsement or sponsorship of any of the parties mentioned, and was written under my own initiative. All visuals and opinions here are as always, my own.