Futsal Night With The Nest Officers

 photo 11015933_872479412811641_3232295895016565280_n_zpsy7mjsblv.jpg

It has been a little while since all of us last played futsal. I mean, we do have our soccer nights every Sunday with Rakesh and his friends but it has been so long since we last had a pitch to ourselves for two hours. Coincidentally, the interns just ended their six months internship and one of the boys are enlisting into the army next week - so there isn't a better time to enjoy a night of kick around with the best bunch of colleagues!

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 photo 1385707_872478919478357_8241337640686909500_n_zpsxfb5oi6c.jpg
 photo 10297667_872478522811730_1602372647567514850_n_zpskj4qogps.jpg
 photo 1477516_872478056145110_8201757530613392585_n_zpshqvkiak3.jpg
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 photo 11025755_872477812811801_1594564884821108207_n_zpss4tpptch.jpg
 photo 11024799_872479126145003_2742301984513519922_n_zps1zcndnka.jpg
 photo 10930161_872479099478339_6459228982188484574_n_zpsxzq13uph.jpg
 photo 10346603_872479392811643_3018913184629236406_n_zpsg1iswpco.jpg

Working full time sucks the bejeezus out of me but if you have good company, all is well. The only thing that keep you sane during work and after work are good friends that make it worthwhile. To more fun nights with these bunch!