Nothing is permanent

Today has got to be the most productive day since the start of the year. Ran to the gym because it was drizzling and spent my whole morning there (for almost three hours) with WanSyaz, got home and cooked myself a really simple yet healthy brunch consisting of only scrambled eggs and long beans, rested for half an hour before taking a bath and headed out for a shopping spree with my queen, whom I haven't been spending that much time with lately. Amazing Monday spent.

On the flip side, I learnt this previous week that what you cling on to can destroy you. As much as you love people, they are bound to let you down because they are not obligated to keep you happy in the first place. Even if they do keep you happy, humans will die. All you have is yourself, to be honest. Nothing in this world is permanent, even permanent marker can be removed by the right chemicals. Also, as much as you hate something or wish that something does not exist - you only have the power to change it if you are the source or cause. No one has control over another person.

I never did write up a Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 post because I don't believe in resolutions anymore. Trying to be better just because the new year is around and then falter when mid year comes, that is just plain stupid. Resolutions usually don't get completed, but targets and goals can be achieved if you keep trying. I have so many hopes and dreams that were being put on hold or pushed aside just to accommodate to another person's expectations of me. Enough of that. I sure hope that I get my life together soon because I'm not going to let anyone or anything keep me from working towards my goals anymore.