The Friday Currently : Vol 1

I have seen this post up on many different platforms and decided to join in the fun. It would be nice to look back on so many different Fridays that have past through simple point forms. I believe the project started out from Lauren and it was originally called "The Sunday Currently" where bloggers would write about the current happenings at any point of time during their Sunday. Unfortunately for me though, Sunday is a work day and not a weekend. Hence, I've switched it up to Friday instead.

READING - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (More like rereading)

WRITING - This blog post, a few backdated posts from past events and a to-buy list.

WATCHING - Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 19

LISTENING - My buddy Feddy's cover of Small Bump by Ed Sheeran

THINKING - Of what I should do with my unruly hair.

SMELLING - The aroma of strong home made iced coffee.

WISHING - For more positive vibes to come my way.

HOPING - That procrastination didn't exist in this world.

WEARING - Navy blue tank top, H&M pyjama shorts.

LOVING - The fact that I've caught up with quite a number of friends this month.

WANTING - A full body aroma therapy massage.

NEEDING - More motivation and less procrastination.

FEELING - Really distracted lately, trying to balance work life fitness and school application.

CLICKING - In between tabs for school applications and blog post previews.

I definitely look forward to more volumes of The Friday Currently and I hope that you do too. Every one is more than welcomed to join in the fun but please don't forget to join the link up and give credit to where it is due :) Cheers!