Eighty Four and counting.

Perks of living near the beach? I get to drag my grandparents for evening walks. The beach was really empty and it has been awhile since I spent time with my oldies, plus it is my grandpa's 84th birthday today. Not like I need an occasion to take pictures but, thank god I trusted my instincts and brought Maxie out. I am no photographer (just a random photo taker) but are some cute shots of my favourite seniors. Cheers!

I may have lost my dad when I was only three but here's my real hero, my grandfather. He lost both his parents at a very young age, grew up an orphan, chose work over school just so that he could provide for his siblings, successfully won over my grandma who was a high society chick (because she was a police officer's daughter and a teacher, back then those were high ranking jobs), raised all seven of their kids who are now successful people, continued working until he was made to retire because of old age and is now an avid soccer fan who is happily retired. Happy birthday, sir.