The Friday Currently : Vol 2

For some reason, a whole bunch of the photos on my past blog archives have disappeared or appear to have a missing link - which is really weird because I host my photos on Facebook and I never deleted the album. I have a feeling that it got affected when I adjusted the privacy settings on my account. I am in the process of backing everything up and uploading all of the photos back up again on each and every post, so please just bear with me. Meanwhile, here's the second volume of The Friday Currently series. Cheers!

READING // World Of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward. I have been into eBooks lately because they are much cheaper and pretty convenient to read from my iPad mini while on my way to work. So much that I haven't been buying books lately.. maybe I should visit Kinokuniya soon. I miss the smell of paper books.

WRITING // Tons of blog drafts and scheduled posts and lists. Have I mentioned? I really love lists.

WATCHING // Into The Fray - The Making Of A Female Soldier. A local documentary made by CyberpioneerTV and RSAF, on regular girls who chose the unconventional path of joining the army and becoming a soldier. Watch the series here! It's totally inspirational and my good friend Haqim is on it.

LISTENING // Photograph by Ed Sheeran. This song has been on repeat for the past week because 1) photographs are the only things that don't change even though the people in them do and 2) I still cannot believe that the tickets for his concert were sold out before I even got a chance to purchase one.

CLICKING // In between tabs filled with inspirations, as well as Twitter.

THINKING // Of how someone is able to love another person so much for so long and then suddenly feels.. nothing. I don't think it's even remotely possible to feel nothing in this emotional world.
SMELLING // The afternoon air and.. my dark chocolate peanut butter waffles.

WISHING // For more adventures and opportunities to come my way because life has been pretty stagnant lately. I need something that makes me look forward to waking up in the morning and get excited going to sleep over.  

HOPING // For the long awaited email from my school applications. I have yet to receive any news from any of the schools that I applied to and all this waiting is making me really nervous as the days go by. 

WEARING // I have my hair in a high bun, my spectacles, an olive green basic tee from H&M and my favourite rugby shorts from the Hong Kong Womens' Rugby team. Quite a regular attire for stay home Fridays. I lock myself in my room on days like this so no make up on, obviously.   

LOVING //  How perfectly messy my high bun in. How much sleep I got last night. How much time I have in my hands right now. How much fun I have been having at work lately - I cannot go on details about this (not yet) but yes, exciting things are coming. This Ed Sheeran song that is still on repeat, all day everyday! 

WANTING // To meet up and catch up with more of my friends who I haven't seen in the longest time. I have been meeting some of them for lunch or dinner here and there but that is simply not enough. I wanna have more good laughter and catch up sessions over coffee and cakes.

NEEDING // A cardio session tonight, super badly in need of one. I haven't been doing any cardio lately, just weights at home. I have also been missing way too many gym sessions due to the fact that work has been taking up most of my time. I'm not complaining but I do need my endorphins released.

FEELING // Extremely restless because the weather in Singapore has been pretty stuffy and unpredictable. It was cold this morning but now my palms are sweating as I type this. Urgh.