The Friday Currently : Vol 3

READING // Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I have only just bought the book last week and have yet to start on it, but it looks really promising. It is based on a true story and is now a motion picture. Can't wait to read it!

WRITING // This blog post, a few drafts and a few application forms on hold...

WATCHING // Kosmopolitan, a local production by Mediacorp Suria about a bunch of high society elites. So much drama and politics. It is extremely rare for me to be watching malay shows but this one is definitely a breather from the usual family based love hate relationship stories that have been airing on our local tv stations. Worth watching.

LISTENING // Nothing much. The sound of rain, as well as buses and cars zooming past outside my window. There is a drain cover that doesn't seem to fit properly, that everytime a vehicle drives on it, a sound comes out. Lol.

SMELLING // Leftover melted mozarella from my breakfast quiche.

THINKING // Of so many things right this moment. Why the hell did my camera malfunction right before the trip, which camera to bring along with me now that the samsung nx mini crashed, where do I start with clearing up the mess in my room, what time is wansyaz gonna end work cos I need to gym so badly and how in the world I failed my theory test for the third time! 
WISHING // For Fizzy's birthday trip to be a wonderful one!   
HOPING // That my back feels less strained come Thursday. I can't afford to feel cranky just because of a strain. Also, I sure hope that the strain that I'm feeling isn't a re-occurrence from my tailbone injury back in 2011. It has been years, come on. Leave me alone.
WEARING // Denim Shorts from F21 and a flannel shirt from Uniqlo.  
LOVING // The self declared off day that I have today. Decided to take a sick leave off work just to rest this bitchy back strain. I haven't really done anything productive, considering the fact that I can barely carry anything but I could really use the free time to just..... breathe.
WANTING // The new Nikon D5500 DSLR camera. I have never used a Nikon all my life, I think it's about time.
NEEDING // To clean my room, pack my bag for work, prep for tomorrow's breakfast, pack my haversack for Fizzy's birthday trip, submit all of the application forms that have been put on hold... basically I need to stop procrastinating.

FEELING // Extremely restless. 
CLICKING // In between blog drafts, shutterfly and news articles.