Karma will bite your ass.

My last blog post was two weeks ago, last month. Wow. I haven't been infront of the laptop for more than an hour for ages. I don't think I even had the time to stay up, I'm usually too exhausted that all I do within the hours of being home is sleep. I guess this is what it feels like to actually have a social life, LOL! Life has been pretty hectic lately. The amount of pressure that I have been getting from all directions and the fact that there are way too much uncertainty.. I can't help but feel anxious about everything. I cannot wait for all of these plans to take action or at least, start to get more concrete.

So anyway, today I had to attend an interview that I have been striving my whole academic life for. I had looked up possible questions that the interviewer may ask me and stumbled upon one that I knew I'd hesitate answering - "what is your weakness?" We all know for ourselves what our weaknesses are but yet, to many, this is not an easy question to answer quickly. I thought long and hard on this one, listing the many flaws that I have in my head and trying to find one that is relevant.

My weakness is that I care too much.

Speaking of which, yesterday I was told of something that I wish I never knew. I cannot believe how something so petty and insignificant can be blown up out of proportion with exaggeration from another party. It still amazes me how low you can go, creating false accusations along the way just to make yourself look better in the eyes of others. The worst part is that you're capable of putting up a fake "genuine" front with me. Fortunately, I have proof. Karma will bite your ass.