The Happy List : Vol 1

The little and big things that make me happy lately...
  1. Getting accepted into Edinburgh Napier University! 
  2. Going to sleep without having to set an alarm and clocking in 10 hours worth of sleep.
  3. Getting an offer you can't refuse, and it being in such perfect timing.
  4. Bumping into Hafiz Sujad at my SIM interview. Really charming dude.
  5. Flights for my birthday trip to Australia have been booked! 
  6. Quiet mornings with iced coffee and blogging in bed.
  7. Staying on the phone with Fizzy but having the freedom to do our own things, gives me a sense of comfort knowing he's on the other line. It's like being in the same room!
  8. Grocery shopping at Big Box. Everything is so cheap~
  9. Learning how to use Premiere Pro.
  10.  Finding cheap branded sports attire and equipment.
  11. Catching up with different groups of friends.
  12. Seeing bits and pieces of my attraction finally come together.
  13. Scoring against boys during futsal sessions!
  14. Heart to heart talks with Fizzy.
  15. The new air fryer my mum bought.
  16. Seeing my grandfather healthy again. 
  17. Green Tea Ice Cream
  18. Having the most understanding and patient boyfriend in the world! 

I learnt it the hard way yesterday that I should be more appreciative of all the good things that's been happening to me instead of dwelling on the insignificant negatives. Sometimes I think I need anger management issues but nonetheless, here's a start to better (and positive) days ahead. Adieu!