An open letter to Scoot

I believe there is a big difference between travelers and tourists. Unfortunately both, cause problems for flight attendants. The former, usually refuse to check in their baggage (which is usually a 70L backpack with lots of loose straps) and gives flight attendants headaches with overhead compartments. The latter, just causes headaches no matter what they do. Common sense is not so common nowadays and tourists are usually ignorant about the safety aspects of flying. They rarely pay attention to the safety demonstration at the start, they never follow takeoff/landing procedures, they always press the call button for the stupidest things and some press it without even knowing what it is for. Seriously, what's the point of being rich if you ain't got no brain?

I just came back from a five hour flight and here's what happened. There was an ignorant family sitting right in front of us and right from the start, they have been behaving like they owned the plane. Although I think that it is a design flaw to have the button where people place their elbows, I'm guessing this is a case of bad parenting. The two kids kept pressing the call button and instead of explaining what it was, their mother actually asked the crew to explain it to the kids. A male attendant Henry explained it to them at least four times before they got bored of seeing his face and stopped pressing it.

I was surprised the people sitting in the row in front of them survived 5 hours of being kicked from behind by their children without saying anything. It is extremely annoying when fully grown adults cannot control their offsprings but it is even more absurd when they cannot control themselves. As we were about to land, the flight attendants had to remind these ignorant parents to put their arm rest down and seat back upright at least five times. I'm not even kidding. It was different attendants at a time, reminding them at carefully timed intervals. Yet they still remained ignorant until this Chinese male attendant came over and politely put the seat back upright for them. The mother could still give him the "what do you think you're doing" face. It went to that extent.

The plane was already on the route back to Singapore, just 20 minutes from our scheduled landing time. The ignorant father insisted on having his daughter sit on his lap til the end of the flight. This same Chinese male attendant told him politely, "I'm sorry sir but your daughter is too big to be strapped on to you. Please put her down in her own seat and return to your seat. I'll give you a few minutes." He then went on to do the final checks on the rest of the cabin.

However, the ignorant family still continues to bicker about and the father, still being completely ignorant, still refuse to return to his own seat after realizing that some crews just walked past him without saying anything. I guess he thought he could get away. A few moments later, the same male attendant came over. The father had actually strapped the kid on and insisted that it was secured. The flight attendant insisted otherwise, emphasized on the safety protocol and finally said "I believe life is more important than comfort". I would have given him a standing ovation but I gave him a thumbs up from behind instead. I don't think he saw me, but he sure know what he's talking about.

I felt like asking the dude infront of me, "There must be a reason why your child had her own seat in the first place, so honestly, do you even have to try your luck?" but I didn't wanna cause a commotion on my birthday. Oh well. Let's give these ignorant family the benefit of doubt. Maybe it's different traveling with young children.

There were some female attendants that accidentally rolled their eyes (or maybe it was their contact lenses) but however, commendations to Nadhirah for always smiling and laughing with the passengers although I've known her as a fierce little makcik, Henry for his patience and multi tasking skills while serving us food yet handling his (what seemed to be new) colleague, and of course to the male chinese crew (I didn't notice his nametag) for being able to handle such an annoying group of tourists with such expertise and professionalism.

I don't think I can ever be a cabin crew because I'm neither good looking nor patient, but kudos to this team of flight attendants for being both. Thank you Scoot for a lovely journey to and from my birthday trip. It is my first time flying with you but you've exceeded my expectations despite being a budget airline. Keep up the awesome job!